Zylstra Spray-On Liner

This option is available for all Fuelbox models. The Zylstra Spray-On liner can be sprayed outside, inside toolbox, both, or fuel tank only leaving toolbox un-sprayed. There are a few benefits of spraying your Fuelbox, the material has UV protection and will in fact keep your Fuelbox cooler to the touch and inside the toolbox cooler, it is a very durable material, and is an easy keeper. All that is necessary to keep clean is pressure wash the Fuelbox. When spraying inside the toolbox it helps protect your tools, keeps tools from sliding around, and eliminates the white dust that will come from aluminum over time. The best part about the Zylstra Spray-On liner is it looks bitchin and will give your Fuelbox a unique look you have been looking for! 


  • Inside Only $50
  • Outside Only $150
  • Inside & Outside $200
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