Wedge Fuel Tank

The Wedge for Flat Beds

The wedge Fuelbox WD85 tank is constructed of high-quality .125 marine grade aluminum; has 90 Flange Reinforced Seams, that doubles weld joint thickness for stronger welds. The tank has a minimum of 2 interior baffles. The wedge Fuelbox can be used with the Auto Fuel Controller. 


  • AFC Controller
  • Fuel Transfer Pump
  • Locking Gas Cap
  • Spray On Liner Finish


  • WD85 Fuelbox $1,110 Diamond Plate
  • WD85 Fuelbox $1,160 Smooth
  • Spray On Liner Outside $150
  • Auto Fuel Controller and complete install kit with instructions $395
  • TP15 transfer pump kit 15GPM & Auto shut off nozzle $475
  • Locking Gas Cap $16.99
  • BedStep $295
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Vehicle Applications 

  • Flat bed pickups only 
Model Gal. A B C D E
WD85 85* 18.5 in. 24 in. 65 in. 6 in. 4 in.

*Add 2" to A dimension for filler neck and AFC cover 

*Approximate Gallon Capacity