Chest Toolbox

The Toolbox is constructed with the highest grade materials, .125 marine grade aluminum which is double the thickness of most boxes on the market, the lid is equipped with an extra-large lid stiffener and gas struts. The latches are stainless steel latch and lock assemblies, and are an independent locking system so the toolbox can be opened by one latch on either side. You can be rest assured that the toolbox has a weather tight seal, with a large C channel on the toolbox and neoprene weather stripping located on the lid. The lid design has 2 45 degree bends to ensure a stronger lid.  All Toolboxes are hand TIG welded in the United States.

Finish Options

  • Diamond Plate aluminum
  • Smooth aluminum
  • Black Spray-On Liner


  • CB6214, CB6218 $850 Diamond Plate
  • CB6214, CB6218 $900 Smooth
  • CB6230 $950 Diamond Plate 
  • CB6230 $1,000 Smooth 
  • Spray-On Liner Outside & In $200
  • Spray-On Liner Outside Only $150
  • Spray-On Liner Inside Toolbox Only $50
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Model Fits A B C D E
CB6212 GM Short bed 5 ft. 19.5 in. 12 in. 62 in. 53 in.
CB6214 Dodge Short bed 6.5 ft. 19.5 in. 14 in. 62 in. 53 in. 23.5 in.
CB6218 Chevy, Ford Short bed 6.5 ft. 19.5 in. 18 in. 62 in. 53 in. 23.5 in.
CB6220 Chevy, Ford Short bed 6.5 ft. 19.5 in. 20 in. 62 in. 53 in.
CB6230 All Long bed 8 ft. 19.5 in. 30 in. 62 in. 53 in.
CB4820 RamBox beds, Utility beds 19.5 in. 20 in. 48 in.

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