Auxiliary LT60T

Tonneau Fuel Tank 

The tonneau fuel tank only Fuelbox LT60T is a L-Shape tank designed to work with tonneau covers that have canisters. This tank will work with most tonneau covers but use the dimensions provided to verify it will work with your tonneau cover application. 

The LT60T is constructed of high-quality .125 marine grade aluminum; meets or exceeds all DOT & EPA regulations for diesel fuel. The auxiliary tank has 90 flange reinforced seam design, which doubles weld joint thickness for stronger welds. The auxiliary tank includes a minimum of 2 interior baffles and is pressure tested under water. Compatible with the Auto Fuel Controller system.  


  • Auto Fuel Controller system
  • Locking Gas Cap
  • Smooth Finish
  • Spray-On Liner Finish

Vehicle Applications 

6.5' Short bed only 


  • LT60T Fuelbox $1,100 Diamond Plate
  • LT60T Fuelbox $1,150 Smooth
  • Spray-On Liner Outside $150
  • Auto Fuel Controller and complete install kit with instructions $395
  • Locking Gas Cap $16.99
  • BedStep $295
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Model Gal. A B C D E F G
LT60T 60* 16.5 in. 23.625 in. 53 in. 9.125 in. 14.625 in. 7.38 in. 9 in.

Add 2" to A dimension for the filler neck & AFC cover to give the total height 

*Approximate Gallon Capacity 

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