Auto Fuel Controller

The AFC computer works in conjunction with the Fuelbox by automatically filling your main tank when it gets low as you drive and shuts off when the main tank gets near full. The AFC monitors the stock OEM fuel tank. When the stock tank gets near 1/4 of a tank empty it will turn on a transfer pump and transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank to the stock tank. The AFC will shut off the transfer pump when the stock tank is near full or when the auxiliary tank is empty. The AFC can be set for automatic operation or it can be manually turned off from the cab of your truck. The AFC also has a manual button to have the option of manually turning on the transfer pump, the transfer pump will run for 4 minutes. 

The Auto Fuel Controller has a built in gauge with LED lights to display the fuel level in our auxiliary fuel tank and a secondary light to show when it is transferring the fuel. The gauge can be attached on the dashboard of your pickup or mounted with a pod to the A-pillar or above the rear view mirror.


  • $395

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Part # Description
AFC-1 2002-2004 GM - LB7 Engine 1999-2007 Ford
AFC-2 2004-Current GM - LBZ-LLY Engine 2004-Current GM - LBM-LMM Engine 2010-Current GMC Virtual Gauges
AFC-3 1999-2009 Dodge
AFC-4 2008-2014 Ford
AFC-5 2010 Dodge
AFC-6 2011-2015 Dodge
AFC-7 2015-2016 Ford
AFC-8 2015-Current Dodge Ram EcoDiesel
AFC-9 2016- Current Dodge Ram
AFC-10 2017-Current Ford

On 2002-2004 GMC Diesel pickups check the pickup's VIN number, look for the 8th digit of you VIN number, if it is a "1" your pickup has an LB7 engine and will need an AFC-1. If the 8th digit is a "2" then your pickup has an LLY engine and will need an AFC-2.