Are your Fuelbox combos & in-bed tanks gravity feed systems?

Our auxiliary tanks are NOT gravity feed. We feel this is a bad choice for many reasons. If you read the laws on the DOT website it says it is illegal. You can view it here http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/title49/section/393.65 Some may read it differently but when it comes to lawyers and environmentalists we want to play it safe. Our competitor’s gravity feed fuel system may be cheaper to buy but that is the only benefit. There are a lot of pitfalls to gravity feed, here are a few; can over fill stock tank and leak on the ground, on most new trucks it will set a check engine light because it keeps the stock tank full all the time, will not let the mileage calculator work (miles to go and miles per gallon). The biggest issue we see with the gravity feed is if the fuel line breaks from an accident, age or wear and tear the fuel is going to leak on the ground. Fuel on the ground is an environmental and fire problem that cheap in the long run is not worth. Also more food for thought; when was the last time you saw a vehicle come from the factory with gravity feed? I think it may have been the model T and the truck you are driving is not a model T.

How difficult is it to install a Fuelbox?

We’ve made every effort to make installation as simple as possible. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install a Fuelbox or the AFC system. Our installation comes standard with every component needed to install our Fuelbox fuel tank to your truck, excluding the standard hand tools needed for the install. No need to run back and forth to the parts store. We recommend reading the install instructions first and call us at (559) 739-0818 for any questions.

How long will it take me to do an install?

Between 2-4 hours depending on your mechanical skills.  

Where Can I have my Fuelbox installed?

Installations are available here at our Visalia, CA plant by appointment only. We also have an installing dealer network. Please call us for a dealer near you. You can also use your auto repair or 4x4 shop for installation.

Will I void my vehicle’s warranty if I install one of your fuel tanks?

No, if you install the auxiliary diesel fuel tank per the instructions and use the components that come with the installation kit, it will not void your factory warranty.

Will my diesel pickup pass an emission test?

Yes, our tanks do not alter the stock fuel delivery system. By not altering this system the Fuelbox fuel tanks are approved for use without exemption by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Will your tanks work in a gasoline truck?

No, our tanks are DOT certified & follow EPA regulations for DIESEL FUEL ONLY. The reason for this is all our tanks are vented to the atmosphere. All 1996 and newer gasoline pickup trucks are equipped with a sensor in the tank for emission. If you install our AFC kit on one of these trucks it will set a check engine light and fail emission test.

Do your tanks come with a warranty?

Aluminum Tanks – 3 Year Warranty, on all component parts, and against defects in material & workmanship

Internal Plastic Tanks – 5 Year Warranty, on internal plastic tank only. Note: leakage can only occur in this Product Line if pump fittings are incorrectly installed.

AFC Products – 1-2 Year Warranty Fuel Pump 1 Year Warranty limited to Warranty provisions of Original Manufacturer

Transfer Pump – 2 Year Warranty limited to Warranty provisions of Original Manufacturer

Can you ship a Fuelbox to me?

Yes we can ship the Fuelboxes over the U.S. and Canada. We recommend shipping to a commercial address or to shipping hub to keep price of shipment down, but we can ship to a residential address if requested.

Do you only make aluminum tanks?

No, we do have a poly tank that we build but it is housed in aluminum to look like our other models. We feel this is the best way to build a poly tank that you put in the bed of your truck because it is protected from sunlight and other elements. It also gives you a really great looking box for a great price.

How Many years have you been in business?

Our family owned and operated company has been in business for over 34 years in the automotive industry and have been doing the Fuelbox business for 15 years. It is still family owned and operated to this day and we are proud to have an American built product.

Are your tanks baffled for extra support and durability?

Yes, all of our tanks have a minimum of two baffles for extra support, durability, and to help reduce fuel slosh.

How do I know what kind of truck bed I have?

A long bed is approximately 8 ft and a short bed is approximately 6.5ft.